About me

My name is Sabrina Bos and I’m the founder of an Amsterdam-based startup in the creative industry.

I’m writing this blog through the eyes of a startup founder in Amsterdam and especially through the eyes of a female startup founder. I found over the last couple of months that people see female startup founder as something … special? interesting? I’m not sure what the word is. The media writes articles about it and other business and investors say they are happy to see a girl in the room of an event or at the negotiation table.  I decided to start this blog to reflect on this phenomenon :).

Sabrina Bos Female Startup Founder
Sabrina Bos Female Startup Founder


I write about the times that I am asked if I’m the PA and where my boss is, about the times that my bank asks me if I’m still in University, about the times that I’m the only girl in an audience of 100 people on a technology seminar and about the times I put on my killer heels to give a presentation somewhere. I write about the times that I have to fight my emotions, about the process of dealing with my insecurities, about the times that I get angry, upset or disappointed but also the times I experience pure joy and feel like I’m on top of the world.

Next to all this I write about all the other adventures that I go through with my co-founders, such as releasing our new website, building an app, visiting startup events, looking for funding etc.

I hope you like and maybe even get inspired by my stories!