Startup Festival – accessART visits Uprise

Ever visited a startup festival? Me neither! Untill I went to the Uprise Startup Festival. Workshops, Startups and Investors were a succesful mix. With over a 100 startups and 4000 attendees (sold out!), I think the Uprise Festival can be claimed a big success! Hosted by Roest, Amsterdam, on a rather cold day in March, this festival was aimed at showcasing Startups, help startups find people for their open positions and host workshops. I had a great day strolling over the market, talk to startup founders and discover interesting products. Although there were many similar type of startups, all looking for the same type of people (UI designers, mobile app designers etc), it was great to see so many young people so passionate about their companies.

Which workshops to follow at a Startup Festival?

There also was the opportunity to follow workshops. I ended up following 2 2-hour  workshops. The first one, doing PR the right way, was hosted by two very enthusiastic people with obviously a lot of passion for their work. I got some very useful tips out of this workshop on what to communicate when, in what way, to whom and through which medium. Only thing left is to bring it in practice :). The second workshop, Startup Saleslab focused on aligning your activities with the stages the potential buyer is in. I think this workshop would have had a huge potential to be a success, but the crowd was too large so we did not actually interact much or learn something. Nevertheless, I was seated at great table and made some cool connections in the startup world.

All in all, I left inspired! Many ideas that may seem crazy starting off, might evolve into something very successful if you have the passion and the drive to go for it :). See you next year, UpriseNL!

accessart at uprise startup festival

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