The First Steps towards my Startup App – 2 Workshops

At accessART, one of our main pillars is digitization – transform  the offline experience of buying and selling art into an online experience that is exciting for both buyers and sellers. One of many ways in which we will be doing this in the upcoming months is by building an app that will help potential art buyers get an impression of how a piece of art would work in their house. Unfortunately, apps don’t build themselves and we have no in-house knowledge. So, it was time to use the amazing startup community in Amsterdam again and I was in luck – in the last weeks of December there were two app-related events to kickstart the development of my first startup app.

The Neuroscience of apps by Coachademy

Coachademy brought in several speakers to talk with us about the neuroscience of apps. We started off with a session on habits and learning. Several interesting videos showed us how animals learned from and adapted to different situations and living conditions. This may seem irrelevant, but it let the audience think about how for example user adoption of apps work. The second session was about what happens in the brain when you swipe. The (or at least my) conclusion was that when people swipe the hardly ever put their finger on the exact place the designer / developer would think. It’s therefore super important to think about where you place buttons and other things that need to be pushed/swiped.

We were all hoping for a third session by a digital marketing agency that puts findings like to work, but unfortunately the event was already over!  🙂

startup app
Swiping Strategy by Coachademy

Amsterdam App Strategy Workshop @ Rockstart

Two days later there was the Amsterdam App Strategy Workshop at Rockstart. This event was hosted by the Application Developers Alliance. I was a bit afraid that as a non-techie I wouldn’t understand anything, but it was a great evening with many relevant insights. I always find the events at Rockstat to be very well organized. Wifi works, rooms are properly set up, lights, sound and beamers work. Top notch! It was good to be early as there were not enought seats, popular event. Below you see me sitting as one of the many female attendees 😉

Amsterdam App Strategy Workshop
Yet another event with many female attendees 😉 Coypright @ App Developers Alliance & Rockstart

There were some industry experts from the gaming industry and for example Uber

My key take aways for a startup app?

  • Make sure your analytics are in order If you don’t know what your users are doing you cannot improve your app. Which functionalities do your users use, where do they click, how long do the spend in your app. Crucial!
  • Create regular and solid feedback loops Plan for feedback. How are you going to collect feedback? How many users do you want to have received feedback from before your second release? Which features do you want tested?
  • Ensure your deep-linking is in place Nothing as frustrating as receiving a link to that amazing dress – you think. You end up at the website spending much time actually finding that dress that your friend wanted to share. Frustrating and not helping the purchasing decision. gave a short but powerful talk about the importance of deeplinking.

Kickstarting my startup app through these events

After having processed all this information I drastically changed the initial setup of our app. Priorities changed, some functionalities were brought up the priority list and others went down. I even got some great contacts out of this that are currently helping us to create the first proof of concept! Exciting times 🙂

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