Startup Stories organized by The Next Women

In the last weeks of 2015 I attended the “Startup Stories” – organized by The Next Women.  The Next Women is a community of – and access to – Female Investors, Entrepreneurs & Advisers. Once every couple of months they organize the Startup Stories where you, as a female entrepreneur, can  subscribe and pitch one of the challenges your company is currently facing.

Pitching at the Startup Stories

I was quite nervous as this was the first accessART pitch I ever did and it was only three minutes :). In the end this turned out to be perfect as I had to craft a lean and to-the-point story that would lead to our challenge. The event was kicked-off by a presentation of the host of the evening (and the 1 out of 2 men in the room 😉 ).  After that we saw a presentation by the owner of Professional Rebel who pitched one of her new ventures. Then I got to present together with 2 other female entrepreneurs.

Startup Stories

One of the challenges we are currently facing is how to handle our online marketing. We are a born-global startup and on the supply side (in terms of a dual-sided marketplace) we are doing quite well. Now is the question, how to get the demand (buyer) side to increase as well. Should we attempt to do this globally from the start as well? Or go country by country. The question was very well received by the audience and we received lots of feedback! We got some new ideas in how to craft our international strategy, which activities to focus on and how to create “free publicity” from larger on and offline parties.

Sabrina Bos @ Startup Stories

Join the Startup Stories!

Even after the event, people came to me with additional ideas and feedback. All in all a very great experience and I can encourage every female entrepreneur to participate in the Startup Stories! You will not only pitch your own challenge, but also learn a lot from the other presenters and participants.

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